Plant Suite

Plant Suite is IIX’s flagship title plant management software program. You can host your own plant or IIX can host it for you at our high-security Data Center where you still retain 100% ownership of your Plant. With either hosted model, IIX will setup your servers and databases and you setup your companies and users. You control which users can access which programs and databases and which functions in the programs each user is permitted to access.

Plant Suite also tracks every activity that is performed on your Plant by both internal and external users. For the external users (e.g. Land men), you can create a detailed excel invoice statement for customized date ranges, billing rates and time increments. IIX can even custom code to export to your Accounting system.

You can key your own Take-Off going forward or you can have IIX key it for you at our multiple data entry sites using industry standard “blind-double-entry” techniques. Plant Suite reads your take-off from an FTP site, a CD, flash drive, external drive or local drive. You can also choose the format of your source and the program manages your data entry jobs and will remember it for next time it needs to be accessed. If you have a format we don’t currently handle or if the courthouse changes their format on you, we can build a template for you in just a few hours. We can handle multiple counties too.

If IIX handles your data entry, Plant Suite monitors the phase the job is at every stage of the process, so you know exactly where you are at with your jobs. You always retain complete control over your data, Plant Suite just makes it easier for you. You can see all instruments conveniently together and can browse through all the images quickly and efficiently. If you want to change all your “Affidavit of Heir ship” references to AFFH you do that with a single click – and Plant Suite remembers that for the next time because you can “train it” to remember. If you have Prior References from which you want to pull parties or properties, Plant Suite will do that for you too. There are just too many shortcuts and helps to list here but they are all designed to save you time and keep your Plant clean! If you need to back build your Plant, IIX can help there too. We can convert indexed data and images or convert from microfilm or microfiche or even travel to your courthouse or office and scan everything. Your existing card-file plant is not a problem either. Once all is scanned, IIX can key for you too on a timetable and budget that you set.

Sometimes your Plant might need some cleanup. Plant Suite has a special program for that too. It reports on all the gaps and duplicates in your plant. You can clean it up yourself or have IIX do it for you.

iiX’s Plant Suite is your one-stop solution for all your Title Plant needs. Our Live Update feature… We are always enhancing Plant Suite as we get feedback from you our valued clients.

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