Career Advice from the Landman Survival Guide

April 29, 2016

With oil prices starting to rebound, the tepid job market for Landmen looks to be on track for some recovery of its own. The spring and summer are shaping up to be highly competitive months for Landmen gunning for open positions.

To put yourself in the best position possible to benefit from the recovering job market, you need to use all the tools available. “The Landman Survival Guide,” recently released by, contains a section on “Landing a Job” that should be a valuable resource for professionals trying to advance their careers in a challenging environment.

Let’s recap some of the highlights from the guide’s advice to Landmen in search of a job.

Perfecting the Resume

A professional, polished resume is your opportunity to make a strong first impression. There is no single “right” way to design a resume, but there are some essential guidelines to follow, including:

  • Carefully read through the description in the job listing and custom-tailor a resume to the employer’s specific needs
  • Keep it brief. Share only the information about your experience that shows you are a good fit for the job. Most resumes should only be one page, or two at most if necessary.
  • Add a professional summary. In three to five lines, succinctly state what you’re passionate about and what you’ve accomplished.
  • Focus on outcomes. Under each position, share a few bullet points that highlight specific achievements made possible by your contributions.

Networking and Relationship Building

In this industry, many highly-prized jobs are filled before they are ever advertised. This fact reflects the importance of building relationships with company decision makers.

If you’re not as confident about the strength of your personal network as you are about your skills, start investing time in meeting others in your industry and earning their trust as soon as possible.

Industry conferences are an effective platform for building connections rapidly. The AAPL Annual Meeting and the North American Prospect Expo are two annual opportunities to meet the right people face-to-face.

Local chapters of the AAPL also commonly hold networking events that bring together various industry players.

A few keys to maximizing the effect of your networking efforts include:

  • Focus on ways you can help others, not how they can help you
  • Place a phone call or send a follow-up email or hand-written letter to valuable new connections
  • Listen more than you talk. Ask questions, but let potential connections tell you who they are, what they do, what they’re passionate about within the industry. This is how you’ll uncover opportunities to help them and demonstrate your value.

Social media platforms and other online channels are also great for networking. Join and participate in industry forums, find relevant groups on Facebook (The Landmen & Right of Way Agents group and the AAPL’s group) and LinkedIn, jump into the conversations decision makers are having on Twitter.

Additional Resources

Boost your networking efforts by listing yourself on some of the critical resources for Landmen:

  • The Premier Resource for Landmen

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